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Well, I was in a really good mood this morning - I'd been paid and I'm still in a kind of after-glow from Rome - and then my mum told me Jack has to have a brain scan under general anaesthetic because his head is a bit small for his height and weight.

I haven't spoken to my sister and I don't trust my mum to tell me things a) with all the information b) rationally and c) she can be dramatic, so I'm going to text my sister later as they're all upset.

However, mum has just told me the scan won't be for 2 - 3 months, so I'd have thought the hospital aren't THAT concerned?

From what I can tell from looking on the net he'll be having a MRI scan (as opposed to a CT scan) and one of the things they look for is brain tumours, so yes that is a worry.

I hope the little fella's ok.


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