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Sitting at work waiting to hear from my mum about Catherine and baby Alice. Part of me thinks it will be ok, these things are fairly routine now, but at the same time it is a major op and there's always a chance of complications. It would just be nice to hear. She was meant to go in at 11am, but then my mum said it had been moved back to 1.30, so it's been 2 hours now.

I saw them all yesterday and Catherine seemed fairly calm, but apparently she was a bit anxious this morning, but more about Jack being ok. He is staying with my parents tonight and then I think her in-laws tomorrow.

Jason and I had a nice weekend. On Friday evening we went to see Legend, which was really good. On Saturday we went for dinner, which was really nice because we never go for dinner. Then Dan and Lydia came round for a bit and she was bitchy AGAIN, but this time to Jason. Clearly she has this streak and for the sake of remaining drinking buddies, which is essentially what we are, then it's not worth falling out over, but she and I are never going to be great friends.

Watched An Inspector Calls last night, which I REALLY enjoyed. I didn't know the story, which is hard to believe as it is so famous, but it was nice for me because I didn't know what was coming and I loved the spooky twist.

Next weekend is Jason's birthday, so I am taking him to The Case because neither of us has been.

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Hey, I'm just catching up on here. I still haven't seen Legend.. we might go today, that or Macbeth.

I just don't know what to say about that Lydia, I don't like that she has continued to be bitchy to you (and Jay) Do you really have to be friends? Or you could get revenge ;)

Did you enjoy the Case? what did you eat? x

I'm really keen to see Macbeth. I love Fassbender!

The case was fantastic. I had scallops followed by gnocchi and a glass of champagne. We're taking Mary for her birthday on Friday 😀

As for Lydia I don't really want to sink to her level. Clearly she has issues 😔

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