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When will I ever learn? Cyber stalked my ex's partner and her profile photo and cover photo on Facebook are of them as a loved up happy little family. Don't think I'll ever stop being angry about how he treated me. How does he deserve to be so fucking happy???


Family ties
I met my niece yesterday. She is very sweet and teeny and slept the whole time. My sister seems to be doing a lot better this time, which is good. She is taking sleeping pills at night while Jono does the night feeds, all a bid to stop her getting sleep deprived and getting sick again. He is amazingly supportive, it has to be said.

I feel guilty saying this but time with my sister can be hard work. Whenever I talk about her I feel like I have to begin by saying "I love my sister, but..."

In a nutshell it's the way she speaks to me. She's very blunt and can use a certain, patronising tone that gets my back up. Essentially we're very different people.

I know I should probably make allowances for her because she's just had a baby, but it's not like this is unusual. It should have been a nice afternoon, and it was lovely to meet Alice, but I left feeling irritated.

I know I'm probably being petty. Families, eh.

Alice Eva...
Was born at 2.15pm x

Sitting at work waiting to hear from my mum about Catherine and baby Alice. Part of me thinks it will be ok, these things are fairly routine now, but at the same time it is a major op and there's always a chance of complications. It would just be nice to hear. She was meant to go in at 11am, but then my mum said it had been moved back to 1.30, so it's been 2 hours now.

I saw them all yesterday and Catherine seemed fairly calm, but apparently she was a bit anxious this morning, but more about Jack being ok. He is staying with my parents tonight and then I think her in-laws tomorrow.

Jason and I had a nice weekend. On Friday evening we went to see Legend, which was really good. On Saturday we went for dinner, which was really nice because we never go for dinner. Then Dan and Lydia came round for a bit and she was bitchy AGAIN, but this time to Jason. Clearly she has this streak and for the sake of remaining drinking buddies, which is essentially what we are, then it's not worth falling out over, but she and I are never going to be great friends.

Watched An Inspector Calls last night, which I REALLY enjoyed. I didn't know the story, which is hard to believe as it is so famous, but it was nice for me because I didn't know what was coming and I loved the spooky twist.

Next weekend is Jason's birthday, so I am taking him to The Case because neither of us has been.

Offering the best in job-related stress relief...
Wish I had one of these in my office...

Originally posted by thedabara_cds at Offering the best in job-related stress relief...

Bored at work so literally reading every entry and tagging them. Why didn't I think to tag as I was going along?

Doing it for me mainly, as only about 2 other people read my journal lol

Had a bit of a meltdown yesterday and took the afternoon off as flexi (even though I'm not sure I had enough to use). My line manager, who is Head of Personnel, was really nice and sympathetic.

My sources of anxiety are:

1. My dad's early onset dementia. I know there is actually not a lot I can do about that at the moment. He has to have an MRI scan and will then put onto medication to stop it progressing. I guess it's just taking things as they come. my mum is being a lot more positive about things than I was expecting.

2. My little nephew having an MRI scan due to his developmental delay. We don't know there's anything wrong yet, so I'm focusing on that.

3. Jason has shingles, but has still gone to work and doesn't seem to be taking it very seriously. He said he was relieved it wasn't cancer. I'm not entirely convinced it is shingles. So far he has no blisters and whilst he's in pain occasionally he doesn't seem to be in the agony that people who have it experience. Not that I'm wishing that on him. anyway, I can't make him take care of himself.

4. My new tenants, who have only been in the house since the New Year, are 10 days late paying the rent. I just cannot be bothered to do this anymore. Even Jason has said he is coming round to the idea of selling. That is clearly easier said than done because we'd have to get the tenants out then find buyers and then I'd have estate agents and solicitors fees, but I suggested to Jason that whatever I made maybe we could use to pay off some of the mortgage on the house we're in. I don't know what that would mean about me having my name on the mortgage, as obviously Jason's been paying it off for years, but I wouldn't just hand that money over. I'm not as daft as I look!

I had such high hopes about this year, after a couple of really good years, but so far it's been crap. I guess it's all just part of being an adult. It helps just to write it all down.

Originally posted by blossombunny at post

Well, I was in a really good mood this morning - I'd been paid and I'm still in a kind of after-glow from Rome - and then my mum told me Jack has to have a brain scan under general anaesthetic because his head is a bit small for his height and weight.

I haven't spoken to my sister and I don't trust my mum to tell me things a) with all the information b) rationally and c) she can be dramatic, so I'm going to text my sister later as they're all upset.

However, mum has just told me the scan won't be for 2 - 3 months, so I'd have thought the hospital aren't THAT concerned?

From what I can tell from looking on the net he'll be having a MRI scan (as opposed to a CT scan) and one of the things they look for is brain tumours, so yes that is a worry.

I hope the little fella's ok.

Further to my previous post...
There was a segment about this on radio 4 last night:

This is another good one:


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