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Family ties
I met my niece yesterday. She is very sweet and teeny and slept the whole time. My sister seems to be doing a lot better this time, which is good. She is taking sleeping pills at night while Jono does the night feeds, all a bid to stop her getting sleep deprived and getting sick again. He is amazingly supportive, it has to be said.

I feel guilty saying this but time with my sister can be hard work. Whenever I talk about her I feel like I have to begin by saying "I love my sister, but..."

In a nutshell it's the way she speaks to me. She's very blunt and can use a certain, patronising tone that gets my back up. Essentially we're very different people.

I know I should probably make allowances for her because she's just had a baby, but it's not like this is unusual. It should have been a nice afternoon, and it was lovely to meet Alice, but I left feeling irritated.

I know I'm probably being petty. Families, eh.

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I know what you mean about some relations being difficult!

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