To live will be an awfully big adventure!

20 days into dry January...
... and I'm as surprised as anyone that I've made it this far. I'm fairly sure that 20 days is the longest I've been without a drink since I was about 18 or 19.

The really surprising thing is that, rather than counting down to when I can have a drink, I'm actually kind of nervous about the month being over because I desperately don't want to go back to my old ways. Clearly I know that would be down to me and that I don't have to have a drink when the month is over.

Being dry has been good in a number of ways. I've been sleeping brilliantly, my friend says my skin looks really nice, we've been going to different places and places further afield because I've been driving. It can be quite irritating when you're the only one sober because I'd never realised what utter crap drunk people come out with. And I'm a bit disappointed I haven't lost more weight. But the pros have far outweighed the cons.

I don't want to commit to giving up drinking altogether, I just want to find ways to moderate my drinking.

"Pet me!" Just because cats make me smile
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Kitty copy cat
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Hello 2015
Had a lovely Xmas despite a horrible cold from Boxing Day. Mainly spent our time eating, drinking, sleeping, walking the dog, seeing family and friends, watching films. It was bliss.

I am vowing to have a dry January, so am now 7 days in. Last weekend wasn't too bad at all considering I haven't been more than two weeks without a drink since 2009. We went out for dinner with friends on Saturday night and I was designated driver. It worked out nicely, actually. Just got to stick with it.

Eight months since I gave up smoking too. I wish I could say I was buzzing with energy, but I'm not. I mean, I feel pretty good (apart from still being a bit deaf in my left ear from my cold), but I'm not exactly bouncing off the walls. I know I am slightly vitamin D deficient, so maybe some supplements would help. And it's so flipping dark, isn't it????

Was very honoured to be asked to be Paul's Chief Bridesmaid. Very exciting and am extremely happy for him and Beni. Looking forward to Elinor and Andrew's wedding on 31st.

I hope 2015 is going to be a good year.

Manchester and other things
Had a great time in Manchester, although the travelling was a bit of a ball ache.

It was lovely to see Elinor and we had a nice meal at Wagamama before watching KYLIE - who was fantastic. It was my first time seeing her and it was just so good. I mean, not just the music, the costumes, the set etc, but also the fantastic, happy atmosphere. Elinor and I had a dance and a chat and did quite a bit of drinking. It was a really good night.

The hotel was ok. A bit shabby but the staff were friendly and it couldn't have been better location wise.

On Saturday I had a bit of a look round the Arndale and then met Elinor and her fiance, Andrew (whom I had never met before but really liked) for lunch at the Hardrock Cafe.

After lunch Elinor and Andrew took me to the train station and I made my way home. Finally got home around 5pm and spent the evening chilling out with my boys.

Watched Simon Callow in a play at the Curve with Mary on Wednesday. It was pretty heavy going at times, but the fact that he carried it by himself for two hours (with an interval) was pretty impressive in itself.

Managed to get Nick Cave tickets for May, which was more Jason's idea but I'm actually looking forward to.

Two weeks til Ibiza. Very excited!

Spending the evening with my sister and then watching Gone Girl with Rachel tomorrow.

Believe or not I'm going to church on Sunday!? Jason has been invited in his capacity as Principal and I'm doing my wifely duty and going along too. Should be interesting. And by that I mean boring. But it's something different to do, I guess.

(no subject)
Ended up defriending some old family friends (a couple and their daughter)on Facebook over the weekend, which I feel a bit guilty about. I'm just so sick of their racist, 'we're a minority in our own country', shit on there and I snapped and commented on one thing that their attitude was really ignorant. She commented something back but I haven't read it. It could potentially get awkward at some stage because I was a bridesmaid at their wedding and I've already had an invite to their 20th anniversary party next April, but I'll worry about that nearer the time. My mum and my sister also think they're idiots but tolerate them and I just decided I wasn't going to anymore.

Jason's birthday in two weeks. I have paid for us to see Morrissey in November and I'm just going to get him a few other little bits and bobs.

Very excited about Ibiza in October. Jason's meant to be arranging the hotel at some point.

Also very excited about seeing Kylie with Elinor on 26 September. I've taken flexi in the afternoon and hoping to get to Manchester between 3 and 4, find my hotel and meet Elinor. It will be my third time in Manchester and I hope I'll get a chance to have a bit of look round. I'm not in a rush to leave on Saturday.

Cats Rock. They just do :)
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The Summer of 2014
Jason has one week left of the school holidays and whenever he goes back I do get that sense that the summer is over.

It has been such a lovely summer this year. Firstly with Italy, which I might put up there as our best holiday together, and then having lovely evenings when I get home from work and he's cooked dinner and we watch films and chill out. Lastly, how he's been there for me the last week or two when my tenant has been a dick so he's taken over all dealings with him.

I feel like we've strengthened our partnership and reconnected. And yes, I'm well aware that's such a wanky word, but I can't think of a better one.

Something cute for a Monday
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Dis mah buddeh. He's a little a little stinky, but he's a good buddeh.

Friday Eve
Officially two months without a cigarette on Saturday. I'm taking each day as it comes although it's only when I have a drink that I'm remotely tempted. The idea of smoking sober makes me feel sick. I gave up for two months before Xmas so I really need to keep going this time.

Going to Italy two weeks on Monday. Every year I say I won't buy any new holiday clothes because I don't need them, but I've bought quite a few this year. Although, to be fair I did well for birthday money and vouchers. I've bought two skirts, a pair of shoes, two pairs of shorts and a top. I've also ordered another pair of shorts and some trousers from H&M but if they dont' suit me I'll send them back. When i think about when I was a teenager and my mum got cross with me for only wearing black it makes me smile - all my summer clothes are brightly coloured now.

Dad finally has an appointment to see a doctor about his absent mindedness and see if it really is the start of dementia...


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